Would you support a statewide Wild Steelhead C&R fishery and Why?

Would you support a statewide Wild Steelhead C&R fishery and Why?

  • Yes

    Votes: 67 84.8%
  • No

    Votes: 8 10.1%
  • Undecided

    Votes: 4 5.1%

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I think Statewide C&R would be great but more important is more FINES AND JAILTIME. I still see poachers ALL THE F'ING TIME and I still see drift boats with bonked wild steelhead ALL THE F'ING TIME.

The real problem are the people that don't give a $&#$&# what the law says because they believe it is their right to kill these fish. Until there are some serious penalties handed more frequently, I don't think the impact will be much.

Oh, and how about a DETAILED explainer of C&R and its proper practice, history, water temps, fish physiology et cetera in the REGs. Wouldn't it be nice if people were educated in a way that makes them appreciate rather than simply losing their rights and having no idea what it is about? The later just pisses them off and probably leads to more bonking.
I voted yes, because I support catch and release for native/wild steelies, but this is a very complex monster with tentacles all over the place. Really complicated. Good poll though. Coach
J, what rivers are you seeing wild steel being bonked all the time? Coach:beer2:
My local river: Nooksack

Poaching is rampant even by fly fishers who think catch and release is fine! The worst though are drift boats who think I am "one of them" that will let me in on their secrets if I ask nicely.

How many bonked wild steelhead do you think are hiding under a blanket of ice and beer in those boats. It is A LOT. This year I even heard guys complaining about the shitty hatchery run as a justification for taking something, anything, home. I heard one guy ACTUALLY say, "It doesn't matter what it is. Its goin' in the pickup." at a plunking hole......Not to mention the impact on dollies....

I can't even talk about this stuff without getting super worked up. I have been volunteering for Nooksack Salmon Enhancment for a decade and care a lot about this river only to see a lot of the locals treat it any way they want.

I haven't even mentioned the Gorilla-Meth-Netters that pop up mostly in the off season.

However, I have met some great bait chucking gentlemen on the river and had a good time with them so I won't make generalizations.
Even though I'm in Oregon, I voted yes. The majority of our rivers (the Rogue from 1-1 to 4-31 being the exception that comes to mind - max of 5 unclipped fish) are already C & R for 'wild fish' now.

That said! Until you get enough 'badges' out there to ENFORCE the ban you're 'pissing in the wind.' All be it I'm repeating myself, game checking (fish) is one of the main duties of the Oregon State Police. "You call, they HAUL."

Fishing the Rogue since the mid-1990's I can truthfully say I've never seen anyone from the State Game dept ... save for when I went into there office for something. OSP? All the time; you can tell the fisheries guys, all drive white 4x4 PU's.

James Mello

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Yes. Less morality will potentially open rivers up that have been closed in the past to an extended C&R season... This would potentially be a boon to the state in terms of additional revenue....

Old Man

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You can have a CnR all you want and the people that obey it are the honest ones. And sometimes I wonder about them. There is no way this can be enforced.

Remember when they closed down all the rivers in the Wenatchee area. Nobody went broke over there. That would be a good area for this but you just can't enfoece it. I just wonder how many Steelhead are caught and kept durning the Whitefish season on the Wenatchee River.



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Yes. the number of people (both from in state and from states rather far away) now going to the Forks area rivers so they can bonk the single wild fish they are legally allowed to each year has gotten to be ridiculous. In my opinion, it is past time to have year-round CnR on all steelhead rivers.

And it matters not to me if the NA's adopt it or not because if sports fishers don't kill their half of the "surplus fish", there will be more fish spawning and available anyway. Besides, the federal courts gave the NA's the "right to fish" and the state can do nothing about that since it would take federal court action to overturn Bolt, something that is not going to happen. It is time we get over this if the NA's can kill wild steelhead, so should we and help keep what is left instead of bonking them and further depleting their numbers.

As far as poaching, it happens whether there is CnR, closed seasons, or the current single wild fish/year retention. Poachers don't care, all they want is fish in the freezer or BBQ.
Anyone who has not joined the Wild Steelhead Coalition and is serious about protecting steelhead should go to the website ASAP an sign up. Also, it is important to remember that even with catch-and-release of wild steelhead there is still a percentage those that do not survive the recovery process. They represent harvest.
Les Johnson
fredaevans;245633 That said! Until you get [U said:
enough 'badges' out there to ENFORCE the ban[/U] you're 'pissing in the wind.'
Couldn't agree more. It doesn't matter what the law is if it's not enforced. Do we really drive near the speed limit in situations where it's obviously safe to go faster because we think that some agency/study/government employee has any clue? No. We do it because we know we'll get a ticket sooner or later if we don't. It's that simple.