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Julie McDonald: Superstar!

Appointed by the current administration (TCA), to the position of Deputy Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks at the Interior Department. And what a choice she has been! Our gal Julie has exceeded the TCA understanding of "the internets" by engaging her online gaming partners in fish and wildlife policy decisions- why not? I mean, who else would you possibly trust? Not this so called "scientific method" as that is ... well, science just doesn't jibe with "the base" so, y'know- hey- the kids! Yes, Julie will consult her kids! As any solid TCA appointee knows, you need three "sources" and our gal Julie only has two, her online gamer pals, and the kids... we need to ask lobbyists! Of course! Genius! Those "scientists" talk all crazy. Gamers, kids and lobby, them folks Git-R Dun. I comprende compadre.

MacDonald confirmed that she also sent the Delta Smelt document [the Delta smelt fish is an endangered species] to an on-line game friend through his father's e-mail account. MacDonald said she is acquainted with the on-line friend through internet role-playing games. She said she engages in these games to relieve the stress created by her job; however, she said she has not played while at work. When asked why she would e-mail an internal [Department of Interior] document to a private citizen, MacDonald replied, "I was irritated [with what was happening regarding the subject of the document] and tried to explain my irritation over the phone; however, I sent it to him to read for a better understanding."

MacDonald could offer no explanation as to why she sent her child an e-mail containing an internal DOI/FWS document other than she feels frustrated at times and likes to have third party reviews of these documents. MacDonald opined that she sent FWS documents to the on-line game friend and her child to have another set of eyes give an unfiltered opinion of them, negative comments included.​

it gets even worse:

And at the center of it is one Julie A. MacDonald, appointed by Bush to be the deputy assistant secretary for fish and wildlife and parks at the Interior Department. The very ugly details of her malfeasance have been exposed by an inspector general report. (Update: MacDonald, by the way, has a degree is in civil engineering and has no formal educational background in natural sciences.)

Ms. MacDonald, whose job is to oversee policy decisions on endangered species and other wildlife, sent internal agency documents to industry lobbyists (e.g. she twice sent "internal Environmental Protection Agency documents — one involving water quality management — to individuals whose e-mail addresses ended in ',") and generally ran roughshod over agency scientists.​

The decline and fall is so much more exciting when we get to see it real time. That, like, history and stuff is soooo boring, y'know?


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If it takes one to know one, I've got an idea where TCA finds these dipsh!ts to appoint as agency leaders for the nation.

Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
. . . (Update: MacDonald, by the way, has a degree is in civil engineering and has no formal educational background in natural sciences.). . .
Fortunately for her (NOT us), Ms. MacDonald is a member of the political equivalent of the lucky sperm club and those who appointed her see no contradiction whatsoever that she has little if any relevant experience or training in the area she nominally heads.


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