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Hi my name is Fred. This is my first post, however I have been reading posts on this forum for a while now. What a great place to learn from.

I am considering buying a used nor-vice but not sure if this one has the new style jaws or the old style. The owner said he purchased the system new about a year ago. How long have the new style jaws been sold as the standard?

I have tried to google pictures of both but thus far have not been able to find pics of the older type.
I have been tying on a Renzetti traveler that my father gave me. I love it but have heard so many good things about the Nor-vice that I thought it was wort looking into.

Thanks for any help you may provide.
Rico, not sure how long the new jaws have been out. I bought my wife a very old Nor-Vise that was very used (couldn't afford the new one). Ran into Norm at the Bellevue show and he said to send the vise down. What I got back was a completely reconditioned vise, upgraded, and was only charged for the parts. No labor charges at all. This is a brand new vise at a fraction of the cost. Norm really stands behind his products.



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Thanks for the insight. I think I'm going to buy this vice. I did a little mord research and found a picture of the old style jaws. The jaws on this one are infact the new style.

It's nice to hear that Norm stands behind his product. I have heard nothing but good things about the product and Norm. Thanks for the response.


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I whole heartedly support what Ron says........Norm Norlander is top drawer in his customer service !!! Ask him for his instruction DVD if you contact gives you a good starting point with the new vise.....I love mine .,hope you will love yours too


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I bought my Nor vice at the Bellevue show in Feb 2006 from Norm. It has the level operated jaws or new jaws. The old jaws as I understand operated with a little thumb wheel which was hard to tighten.

I have 2 other vices, a Ronzetti Traveler and a Regal. I use the Nor vice 95% of the time, its my favorite. I do use the Regal for large hooks and I have my Traveler set up for very small hooks (less than 20). I still like the Regal's holding power on large hooks. The automatic bobin I use all the time. Norm did a great job on this too.:beer2:

Dr Bob;)
The new style jaws has a cam lock type mechanism verus the Thumb-wheel to tighten the jaws. One add on that I really like is the midge jaws. I can really get into the bend of the hooks now and tye in the tails. This is something that was somewhat frustrating with the inline jaws. I now have 7 of them that are used to teach rotary tying. Norm is going to be one of the nicest guys that you'll ever meet and someone who stands behinds behind his products.
For customer service it is nice to call the manufacturer and here "hello this is norm". I had a problem with one of my jaws and another one was in the mail the same day I talked to him. My wife called him and missorderd what I needed as a christmas gift and when she called to correct it with him he sent out he extra pieces she needed for me at no charge. A great vice and almost all I use. It is a hit or miss vise as to wether you will really like it but a great vise. Also order at least two of the automatic bobbins. You can test how fast of a learner you are by how many times you cut the thread and it sucks down the tube.

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