Swap salt water tube fly swap


I have tied 7 S.T. Clouser Minnow flies(2 for you and 1 for other participants) and will mail them to you the first part of next week. I have included a write-up of materials and how to use the sequin.

Thanks for being the swap meister.

thanks guys for the updates, i think we should just keep this at 6 since its such an advanced technique you know:) i see why others shy away.. look forward to the patterns to come and dont forget- DONT SEND HOOKS. THNKS jeffrey
Roger, i really have no clue other then i dont know:) i was thinking it was gonna be mass confusion with a dozen tiers and 144 tubes w/ 144 hooks. that never happened, so if you wanna send some hooks fellas, by all means ,send some hooks. bhudda
ive received a few packages so far,, all great patterns, ideas . need a few more to complete the deal and ill be sending them out. lates bhudda

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