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Hmm...no mention of a 10mm? Too bad! It's a terrific round...outperforms the .357, and its weapons are available in much higher capacities than any wheelgun. Plus, you can slide on a Streamlight or Surefire light--pretty comforting when you've got to check out that noise outside your tent at 3AM. A Glock 20 and 15 rounds of DoubleTap will give all but maybe three North American foes (offhand, I'd say large coastal bears, sharks, and germs) a really, REALLY bad day. Think about it as a system: weapon, ammo, mag capacity, illumination options, portability, reliability, field serviceability, etc. The 10mm round offers, in my opinion, the best system capabilities and, therefore, the best odds at protecting my skinny arse when I'm most needing clean breeches.

For what it's worth, I bet my life on 10mm every weekend and during vacations too.

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