headed to lenore this weekend

it would be neat to hear a recent report or two. even neater to meet up if anyone of yous are headed that way also. i'll be bringing with me two of my buddies who are recent additions to the world of fly fishing. i broke them in at pass lake last fall stripping minnows, im thinking they will do fine this weekend dunking chronnies. i just want to put them on some fish since they have been drooling about this trip for awhile now.
Fished it two weeks ago. Pretty slow for us. If you go, hit he very north end. Seemed like the fish were in a very tight pod - 50'x 100' ...I have never seen anything like it. www.washingtonlakes.com sometimes has recent reports. Coffee Pot may be another good option.

Good Luck


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Was there yesterday, still very slow, south half is weed filled with very low visibility, my other spots appeared dead, so i got desperate and went to the kiddy pool on the north end. only 3 guys there. as previously said, fish were about a 100 feet out holed up tight together. only managed three, all on a black snowcone.
I was there last Sunday, the north end was the only place to be.
I stood in the waist deep water for two hrs saw 5 fish caught. The cutts were swimming between us 5 or 6 guys. The guy that was catching the most fish gave me what he had been using, I was cold by then and only cast a few more times.
I'm going to go to a put and take this weekend. Time to hook up.
Good luck at Pass.
Keep an eye out for the tri plant at Beda.