hog hunting at pass...

man im on a roll with new threads, i think im breaking records!

1) THIS time of year what are your hog hunting techniques at pass? i have always prefered stripping big minnow patterns down deep myself. just wondering some of your prefered presentations and patterns when you are trying for one of those big boys.

2) when do you guys start hitting the lake after dark? i was thinking next full moon i would give it a go, just wondering if im jumping the gun a bit. i had great sucess this past fall, but thats a different scenario than spring time. i did well casting or trolling big bratty leeches up shallow. it seemed right at dark was good then there was say an hour or so of nothing before things picked up again. always was the same for bass too.

oh, and i guess i am sort of singling out browns but i know there are some giant bows lurking down there too, ive seen em :eek: !!! ive noticed a ton of differences in feeding patterns between bows and browns, but it seems ive noticed more similiarities as the fish mature and reach larger (22+") sizes. just wondering some of your observations. tight lines everyone


Ryan Francis

Hogs! gotta love em...deep water and stay away from the crowds...I'm a chronny guy so
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