Oaxaca Mexico

I am planning a trip next winter to the southern coast of oaxaca mexico. I have narrowed it down to four or five areas. My question is, has anyone gone to the more remote areas like puerto angel or san augustinillo. Thanks in advance for any information. And I will post the trip when I get back.

Good that you are going in the winter, the Oaxacan coast lights up late late spring through october surf wise. If you have never been down that way, just make sure you bring an extra form of ID and hide it in your hotel. We have had our ID's taken from us on one occasion by the corrupt pigs down there, but this was during a surf trip. It can get scary out there. No real fishing advice, but be careful. On the fishing side, never fished down there, but you can charter out small skiffs for super cheap and catch any number of BIG BIG saltwater species, Wahoo, Tuna, Cudas, Bones, and the billfish. Saw ALOT brought to shore while I was down there. But during the winter not sure what is caught out there.