best clear intermediate sink for our cold water


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I’m not going to add anything regarding particular lines, as there are many good responses already.
On the related subject of line stretching: Most of the lines discussed here have a nylon monofilament core. Virtually identical to the stuff you will find on tippet spools. Fly line designers can argue the virtues of different cores, for colored lines, but all are forced to use a monofilament core for ‘clear’ lines. Some nylon is less stiff and ‘coily’ than others, but all of these lines MUST be stretched before they are used.:ray1:
I use a method to stretch my fly lines that takes less than 30 seconds and doesn’t take any outside assistance: As you are pulling line from the reel to cast, simply hold the fly line between your rod hand and the cork while pulling on about a yard of line. Repeat this process until you have enough line to work with. You will be amazed by how much better any fly line will perform once it is stretched.
If my description is inadequate (it probably was), feel free to come by the shop. I will be happy to show anyone exactly what I mean.


Joe from PA
Regarding the SA Streamer Express, has anyone had an issue keeping a butt section on that line? Does it come with a loop? In the past with the Rio Aqualux tips, I've noticed that the welded loops don't last more than a few weeks and once you remove the loop the line doesn't hold a nail knot well because the outer coating is so brittle. Thanks
Teeny Mini-Tip is exclusively my subsurface line from the beach. It's an extremely versatile line if you have good line control skills. Fast water? Slow water? No problem, there's rarely a need to fish deep from the beach anyway. Spooky fish? Lengthen your leader.

In deep open water from the boat I use the T-200 most often. Of course I'm not fishing lings, either.


IMHO the clear thing is nothing but a fad, at least for our fish in the PNW. An illustration: a couple of years ago I was fishing off a beach on the Key Peninsula over a pod of large milling silvers, when I broke off my leader on a fish and found to my dismay that I had dropped/lost my leader spool. Fishing was good, and I didn't want to walk back to camp, so I tied a purple/pink clouser on to the ~10-12 inches of 20lb Maxima butt on my Mini-Tip and proceeded to hook another five or six fish in the couple of hours of tide left that evening:eek: . Hmmm... 5 feet of dark brown sink tip and ten to twelve inches of 20lb Maxima behind a bright yellow running line and lots of action... I seriously doubt a clear line would have made a noticeable difference. Possible, but after years of experience with the Mini-tip in the salt in WA and AK, I doubt it. Let's face it, these fish aren't rocket scientists!:rofl:

Milt Roe

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And I was just going out to buy a clear line after reading all of this... It's been 20 years since I upgraded, and I figured it was time. I've got an old mini-tip in a box somewhere that Teeny gave me. I guess I'll dig that out and put the money I save into a new rod. Definitely time to upgrade the rod. I don't want people laughing at me.
If your lilne does not have a rear loop, by all means serve one on made from Cortland braided mono; 30-pound up to 9-weight and 50-pound for 10-14 weight. Nail knots will tighten up to a point where they cut through the line coating and slip off. Loops made from Cortland braid mono, properly installed, will never give up and slip through the guides readily. Do not confuse handmade loops with those little packages of loops that are offered at many shops.
Cheers, and good fishing,
Les Johnson
I realize that if someone is using a certain line, he/she will tell you that it is the best.
I used a Rio Outbound for two years not knowing any better and switched to an SA Streamer Express last week after reading Les' post.
The short story is that , and I stress IMHO, I like it a lot better just because it does not tangle as much as the Rio (after streching the hell out of both of them). From after one day of fishing it: 75% less tangles.
And it shoots a whole lot better too. The running line is much stiffer and thus coils a lot better in my "Safeway Special" basket. It is a lot slicker too and slides more smoothly out of the guides.
If you are thinking about a new line, just run to your local shop and get one!
The Rio Outbound is 120 feet long, suggesting it will cast further than the 100 foot SA Streamer Express. I'm not saying I'lll be casting out the whole line, but the difference in length makes me wonder. Up here in BC it seems the SA clear lines have a bad rep for coiling. Is the SA Streamer Express clear tip the same formula as the other SA clear lines?
I have heard that some people are using the Outbound on 2-handed rods. That could explain the extra length.
After 3 years of fishing the salt almost exclusivley, I have yet to meet somebody who can cast the full running line on a single handed rod. I am sure that person is out there, he/she is just hard to meet. But I suspect that the manufacturers are just trying to stroke our egos with the length thing. .


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Huh? ^^^^

There are a lot of beach casters that can readily put 90-110' out consistently with a 7 weight single hander. Having a line that is 90' or 100' long is a pain. 120' is much better and saves a guy from having to cut the head off and attaching it to a running line to avoid casting into the backing knot. You end up doing that anyways, because typically that is where the line begins to fail (just behind the head). 120' isn't about ego, just a reality for those who can cast...:thumb:
I have used rio outbound, SA streemer express, rio striper line, airflow 40 plus. The SA streemer express in my opinion is the way to go. The outbound works well the first 5 or 6 days and then the running line tangles like crazy despite repeated stretching at least to me. I have tried several outbounds and always have this problem. The streamer express has far less tangling in the running line. They make it in a slow sink intermediate. As far as the line length difference, 100 ft plus leader length is plenty long.