Fishing Access on the Lower Sky, confluence of Sky/Snoq, and Lower NF Stilly

Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
With only a week left until the river opener, and the chance of tossing flies at summer run steelhead I am asking for a little help getting down to the river to fish the river in waders.

On the Sky, I know the Cracker Bar area in Sultan, but I don't know any access lower on the river. Is there decent wading access to the confluence pool of the Snoq/Sky?

And similarlly on the NF Stilly. I am familar above Cicero bridge, but hardly at all below it.

I also have a flatwater canoe that I can use to bar hop, is that a better option on these rivers? I don't want any serious rapids, but riffles and cascades are fine.


Flyfisher Frank

New Member
Rob; I haven't fished the Sky at the confluance with the Snoq. but have waded several times below cracker bar. Two bit hole can be good fly water. That and Tayler bar are accessed through private land above the boat launch on Ben Howard road. There is a small fee for access. Please respect the owners property. We don't want anything to jeprodize our use of this access. People have some success at the boat launch itself. I've waded just below the Lewis st bridge in Monroe and there is access from reformatory road further down stream. All of my steelhead trips have been in winter with really low water flows. Don't know if these wading spots are of much use at early summer levels. Perhaps someone can help a bit with that? When I'm learning a new river and access I try to find time on weekends when there are lots of people out. It's not so good for fishing but I learn access and parking spots. Good luck, hope you can go often. Flyfisher Frank

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