Does any one fish out of a kayak?

So full disclosure here ... as you can tell from my postings and my signature, I am sponsored by Ocean Kayak. That being said, over time I have either owned or test paddled most of the SOT kayaks you'll come across. I try to be as objective as possible when discussing the strengths and weaknesses of any particular kayak and will give you my most objective opinions of the ones I have direct knowledge of. I encourage all to test paddle as many different kayaks as possible in order to find the "right" one for them. There is not one kayak model or manufacturer that has the right kayak for everyone, so again, try before you buy.

Ah ... thanks Tim. Looks like OK has a new website now. I've relinked.

BTW, looks like I will be working the Seattle REI paddle event. Stop by and say hi.

The Prowler Elite 4.5 is the same hull as the Prowler 15. It just has a few extra nice features.

BTW, this year's Prowler 15 does have a recessed scupper hole that fits a transducer. I didn't know that until I saw one this weekend. It's one of the rear tank well scupper holes.

Hi Allen,

According to the printed specs, the two hulls are different

Elite: Length 4.5M Width 71cm Weight 30.4kg
Prowler 15: Length 4.7M Width 72.4cm Weight 25.4kg

5 Kg seems like a lot to be the same.

Good eye Dean,

From what I've been told, the Prowler Elite 4.5 actually has lineage from the Prowler 13, think of it as a stretched version of the P13. The P13 is a shortened version of the P15 so I guess there is indirect lineage. On the Elite, the footwells and front hatch will look like the P13, not the P15. Look at a top view of all 3 and you'll see what I mean. I actually like the drain channel in the footwells on the P13/Elite. I wish they had incorporated that into this years P15.

Subtle changes can affect weight drastically. Just putting in the drainage wells changes the structural integrity of that area of the boat requiring more plastic to be used. Same for the extra hole for the transducer. The center hatch is standard on the Elite and optional on the P15 so that adds weight too. Also the rod holders are standard on the Elite and not on the P15.

I look at the REI Seattle retail site and I don't see any of the kayak fishing models we've been discussing listed, so I'm going to assume they will not be available for demo at the REI event. Would the Point Defiance event be a better chance to try out the Prowlers?
Ah yes, they will only be showing the models that REI carries ...,Kayaks^start^cat,4501489:Sit-On-Top+Kayaks

The Prowler 13 and the Prowler Big Game are carried by REI.

The Puget Sound Sea Kayaking Symposium will have many, many more kayaks being shown. All the manufacturers attending typically show their full lines. Note that this is not a free event. You need to purchase a pass to demo yaks.

Hmmm. Guess I missed those when I searched the REI site.

Do you have any experience using the Big Game on a river? The specific rivers I'm think of are the Nonvianuk and Alagnak in Alaska. I floated those last year with some guys in big pontoon rafts. The rainbow fishing was excellent. The water was very broad but not that bumpy. I'd think a couple guys geared safely (drysuits and PFD's) could do it. It'd be like taking a taxi rather than the bus. :) Only question would be how to get them there since you have to get in by float plane. :hmmm:
Nope. I have no experience running SOT's for fishing on a river. That being said, we have a float trip planned on the John Day in mid-June.


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