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yea Mark Ritari I would definetly not do that. I had a person send me almost that exact same email, I gave him the slightest third degree about his form of payment and I never heard from him again. At least do what I did and ask him some questions....

Gary Dills

3 weight to 10 weight
Thanks for sharing Mike. I found out that Fed Ex has now stopped shipping to Nigeria on account (will only accept payment by cash and no guarantee of delivery) because they have had huge problems. This is a good heads up to those who buy and sell on the internet.
Yup, heard this type of scam couple years ago, basically called the "Nigerian Scam" . Its attempted quite a bit on a couple Guitar web site classifieds as well.

I make it simple for me, ZERO CHECKS! USPS M.O. or Paypal ONLY.
I guess some times its also buyer beware. On another fly fishing board there is a least 3 diffrent of us still waiting to receive gear we bought and paid for from a certain person. So far none of the three of us have received and in my case its been about a month. Phone calls to the person have not helped so far.
You know it's a scam when they never say what they are buying.
On craigslist some of the scams offer like $500 dollars.
I've sold a couple of things and unless they want to do it in person
then I say no.
You guys might enjoy the following exchange. I was selling a reel and spool three years ago, and got one of these would-be scammers, named "Michael." I had a blast. I'm "Ron."

Customer Service <[email protected]> wrote:

From: Ronald Ashkar
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 11:58:42 -0700 (PDT)
To: Customer Service
Subject: Re: Lamson Litespeed spools
Dear Michael,
$120 for 4.0, 100 for 3.5

Customer Service <[email protected]> wrote:
Dear Ron,
Please let me know the prices of the two including the shipment to Germany and also my client is responsible for the payment.

Dear Michael,
$245 for both reels sent to Germany and insured.


Dear Ronald,
Thanks for your response.
Please like i stated on my last email that my client is responsible for the payment of the transaction with the money is owning me via cashier check , so i am buying the both reels for $500 best offer and my client is owning me $8,000, so please let me know if you can help me by cashing the funds and send the balance to my business agency after clearance, so please kindly provide me your full name, address and cell phone with your home phone, so that i can forward to my client and business agency, and also please provide all this transaction to my client by printing it out and fax to him on fax #(832) 550-2176, so that he can confirm and make the payment in-time.
Best Regards,
From: Ronald Ashkar
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 11:00:54 -0700 (PDT)
To: Customer Service
Subject: Re: Lamson Litespeed spools
Dear Michael,

It turns out that I have a business partner to whom I owe money, and he owes money to a third party, so maybe I can get your client to transfer the money to the third party via the cashier's check. Then too I could send the reel spools before any money is exchanged to make sure you're satisfied with them. Does that sound okay to you?
Very best regards,

Dear Ronald,
I am purcashing from you not your debtor, so please let me know if you can send my agency the balance, and also i would like you to ship the reels to me in Germany, i'll provide my address after the transaction. So please let me know if you accept, and provide me with your full name, address, cell phone, so that i can forward to my client and agency.

Dear Michael,

Hey that's not fair. If you get to have your client pay me then I should get to have my debtor--or actually, my debtor's debtor--receive the money. On the other hand, I could just sell the spools to my debtor--or rather, to my debtors' debtor, sorry--and then he could sell them to you. Or a third option: I sell the spools to my debtor, my debtor takes the cashier's check, sends me the $500 and you the balance, then sends the spools to you, and I give him his original $500 back. But I do insist on being able to work through my debtor--or rather, my debtor's debtor, sorry again!--if you're going to insist on working through your client. My interest, to be honest, is not so much in the spools or the money, but seeing whether we can make this marvelously complex transaction work. I feel that if an American and a German can make _this_ work, especially given our recent disagreement about Iraq (did you know they flyfish there, by the way?), then anything's possible. I'm tempted just to give you the spools free of charge. Can I have your address? I may just send them as a goodwill gesture.


Please try to understand i am buy this from you not your client, so please let me know if you are interested in selling it for me, and also you can send the money to your dentor after the transaction.
Dear Michael,

I've got the spools all boxed up, so just tell me where to send them. Do you drink a lot of beer in Germany? I hear it's better than American beer, but I guess you'd have to sample both to find out. Have you sampled American beer? How's fishing been? I have to tell you that I've really been enjoying our trans-Atlantic banter.

Your friend,


Please try to understand i am buy this from you not your client, so please let me know if you are interested in selling it for me.

Dear Michael,

I've contacted my debtor--I mean my debtor's debtor, sorry, that's the last time, I promise--and he says he'll be happy to accept money so long as it is wired to his bank account. But I am a little worried, for this reason: I am confident that my debtor is an honest man (he's a Methodist minister and I owe him for I-O-U's I left in the Church offering tray), but my debtor's debtor worries me a little. I'm afraid, Michael, that he might just take the whole $8,000 of yours and not return the balance of $7,500. The reason I say that is that he just seemed very eager to do this for me and gave me his bank account information before I even asked for it. He is very wealthy, so I can't imagine that he needs the money; on the other hand, he might have gotten wealthy by underhanded means. I know that you and I have just met, but I'm worried that he could take advantage of a foreigner--especially someone who is as trusting as you. Are you sure that I can't just send you the spools for free?

Nice. Did mikey ever get back to you?

Thanks for stringing him out like that. Kept him away from more gullible folks. :thumb: He probably sets out a trot line and checks it hourly though. Bastards.
I just got this reply to a craigslist add for the same pc stuff i have for sale on here...sounded like maybe the beginnings of one of these scams...what do you guys think. i told the guy i wouldn't ship and would only take cash:
Can you tell me what you are asking for the item? Would you be willing to sell any seperately? I am thinking of going wireless and really don't know what all to expect. I have been told I need a router, and wireless adapter, and broadband. No one mentioned a server to me. I have just moved into state, and not sure just where Duval is, can you tell me say from Tacoma or Seattle area where it would be? If paid in advance, would you be willing to ship this? Thanks


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i have had several of these 'deals' come my way when i was trying to sell something with an internet posting. in each instance, i informed the responder that i was forwarding their email to the state attorney generals faud division. funny how i never heard back from any of them. as i said, this is THE original internet scam. now what did PT barnum say............????????


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B Jofus G,

Hilarious scam-baiting story. Thanks for sharing. Kind of spooky ending, though.


Don't feel too bad. There's a good chance that dude has been burned back already. There are people out there who are actively scam-baiting jerks like that *sshole who burned you. Check out this example of a successful scam-bait job. Remember that Monty Python "Dead Parrot" sketch? Well, the scammers got scammed.

Here's another link to an NPR story on scam-baiters, people who actively seek to mess with scammers.

If you want a piece of the action, try this link:
The things the baiters manage to trick the scammers into are rather funny. Whole picture galleries to enjoy!
Have fun, but be careful if you plan on joining the scam-baiter ranks.

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