Dry Falls in May

Im headed to Sun Lakes St. Park in mid-May and will get to Dry Falls for the first time. I'm in a pontoon boat. What advise do you have out there??? Dries, crom's, wolly's, etc. What versions of the previous mentions???

Thanks fello Fyer's
Dries are pretty limited, but midge emergers can pick up a few and occasionally there is a callebaeitis hatch. Callebaetis cripples work for both the mayflies and larger midges. I don't dredge, so I can't speak to the buggers. I generally fish small chironomids as droppers and larger on top. Chromies, olive dun, black seem to work for me. Blood worms can also be effective. Like most lakes, it's pretty tempermental, so be prepared for hot...or cold.