wading boots?

Is there any wading boots that you could use for hiking also? i am looking at cabelas backcountry wading boots and was wondering if they would work. i am looking at felt soles.


Another Flyfisherman
I have the Cabelas Guide boot. Has been good so far. Felt, regardless of what boot its on is a little tricky when the hiking goes above and beyond the well beaten path. If you doing the extended hikes, just pack them with you and change boots at your fishin hole. I do like my Cabelas Guide boots
Just my 2 cents Good Luck J
I too have the Cabelas Guide boots and love them. LL Bean makes a pair that are about $130-150 with lugs that do pretty good off the beaten path and great on the water.
I also would recommending packing the wading boots in.

Luv2, any luck lately?

IMHO, I think you're looking for trouble with the felt soles if you are going to spend alot of time on the trails. I have 2 pair of wading boots (1 w/studs,1 w/o) and 1 pair of boot foot waders with felt soles, but the only 2 things that I do not like about them make me wonder if the studded rubber is not the way to go. First, as wet as it is around here most of the year, I catch myself slipping on wet leaves all the time while on the trails to my favorite holes, this is in my studded felt Patigonia's. In the water, theres nothing close to them and I wish I had bought a pair (w/studs) sooner. Second, which is not as big of a problem this winter, the snow sticks to the felt and you get to be an uneven 6" taller by the time you get to the riverbank. The studded rubber soles like Simms has on their guide boots, is sweet. One of my buddies has a pair and they get worn year round, and I have never heard him say a bad thing about them. If only I could have found a pair of them at a 75% discount! :smokin
ditto the caution on hiking in your felts studded or not the are treacherous in frost, snow ,or rainy trails I've had harder falls getting there than in the water with em. My favorite sole is studded felts for the river first time I wore them thought they were a gift from above wore them boots out and the wife gave me a new pair that had plain felts on them so I got aon my bike and fred flinstone braked the bottoms so I could glue on a pair of studded felts as for brands that are best I couldn,t tell ya always just got the best I could afford that hads the right sole

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