hunting day pack?

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Who all out there has the perfect day pack for hunting- not too big (~1500 cu in range), quiet materials, anti-rattle zippers, camo, waterproof, good organizational compartments, hydration know, the ultimate pack that doesn't break the bank? Been Googling and there are some sweet packs out there (Badlands for example), but a first-hand recommendation from someone who actually has a good pack is worth more than all the marketing descriptions.

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I too looked for the perfect pack for about years and years of hard core hunting and searching and many dissapointing purchases. Then, about ten years ago, I found it. I am 100% sold on my Pack Idaho (now Bison Gear) First Trip Explorer. The back is extremely well built, silent (so quiet and well designed that I don't even take it off while working bulls in the early archery season) and is designed very, very thoughtfully. Mine is still going strong and at this point I can not imagine ever needing to buy another pack. I stick a large camelback hydration bladder in the top pocket and run the tubing over my shoulder. Truly, this pack is everything I ever dreamed a day pack should be and wish I would have bought it many, many years earlier.

this is mine. the only thing i don't like is the lack of tie downs on the outside of the pack. the scabbard thing is awesome for storing the gun when you are hiking to/from, but it's not a quick-draw kind of thing. sounds like it might be a little bit bigger than you might want, but they have smaller ones. i got a smokin deal on last years model at sierra trading post
you could also look here...not sure if you're familiar with this site or not:


lots of hunting experience on that site.

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BTW at sportsmans warehouse down south, they have the eberlestocks, badlands and maybe one other good quality brand packs of various shapes and sizes for your viewing pleasure.


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I have a Badlands, the 2200 and it is worth every penny. I have a backcountry ski pack made by vortex (the same company?) and after seven years of very hard use, it was showing some wear, so I sent it back to test out their "unconditional lifetime warranty" and they fixed the pack as good as new in less than a week it was back on the trails...So far, three years of hard hunting hasnt even phased the 2200, besides a little blood stain on the meat shelf....

Sure you might pay a bit more initially, but they will stand by it for life, no receipt, no questions asked. Besides the pack has all the right features, its quiet and waterproof, hauls my bow, has a place for hydration and spotting scope, carries enough for a bivi out, and can pack the meat home...

My 2 cents...nothing else compares...


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Ended up getting the Badlands Ultra Day pack. Perfect size for my needs- great design to keep the pack away from the back (cool, literally). Can't wait for elk season to strap it on.