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Right now with the rivers the way they are kinda kills your desire to fish. I mean with the Sky at flood stage or above it. And the rest of the rivers over their banks. The best thing that is out there is lake fishing and for me that is like nothing. And with the rain in the mountains, that will mean a smaller than normal snow pack. So don't even look for any water in the streams in the end of summer. I sure wish things would be looking up instead of down.:bawling :beer1
What primarily spurred this post was fishing today and yesterday for a combined total of eight hours on the local river, with 5 strikes, and 1 LDR. Makes me think that I should just stay home. That and the fact that when I got to the river at 8:30, it was 10 degrees. Maybe I will just lay up until march or so...

That sounds like a good day of winter steelhead fishing to me; its those days, weeks even when all waters begin to feel like a desert.

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Time to mix it up.

Sadly my winter fishing has been curtailed but the State keeps a little pond near my home stocked all winter with rainbows and some huge brooders. I've been mixing up droppers and my nephew actually came up with a decent one for hatchery zombies. We took a pink egg pattern, kinda big, and sprayed it with Dr. Juice. We then ran 12" of 5X off the shank with a #18 pheasant tail weighted nymph. The takes are incredibly subtle, sometimes you just see your line moving and set the hook. They almost always take the nymph but I really belive the pink gets their attention. A sink tip line with a 7' leader fished dead slow isn't too hard to cast and works for us. With the warm front this week I'm going to give Merril a try. Hey, at least it won't be crowded. Too windy to float tube maybe, but defenitely not crowded.
I love winter fishing! Less crowds, lower water, lot's of fish, and well, less crowds. Then again, I don't do much in the way of steelhead fishing... Swinging flies for hours in the cold in slight hope of catching something doesn't really sound like my idea of fun. It's all about layers, and a good pair of gloves. I use the Simms Fingerless gloves, they're made of Italian Microfleece on the inside (mmm, soft) and Gore Windstopper on top... Another trick I picked up is when it's REALLY cold, and your line is freezing on you, spray some "Pam", the cooking spray, on your guides...

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No, I think winter fishing's great. He're some shots from today. The wind blew hard today and that allowed me to approach some pretty spooky fish. But it also blew at 58 degrees (something that hasn't happened in a long time) Who knows, maybe it kicked in their metabolism. On the other hand, its a spring, so maybe doesn't matter. All I know is that its bugger time, baby!


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your killing me with photos like that. Guess I better get my sorry behind over to you neck of the woods so you can take me to such spectactular fishing locations as this. Your couch free next weekend? I've seen your net, so I know that fish is pushing 20". Nice catch brother!:beer2 YT
Haven't gotten out in a few weeks? What are you guys doin! I've fished 17 days since December 1st, and that includes a two week snowboarding holiday, working full time, plus two days a week of girlfriend time...

Glad to see the photos came out well Sparse ol' boy, you shouldn't torture people with photos like that! I'll see you out there next week...

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You guys don't know what winter fishing is. try upstate New York or Pennsylvania in December-below zero air and nearly frozen rivers, shelf ice and ice on everything including you. Swinging a fly in slush and snow piling up on your car. Then drive home eight hours on the thruway in a blizzard. After a few years of that you'll appreciate the Hoh River in january and febuary.

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