4 days and a goal

I am going to keep the locations of the Westside lakes I fished the last 4 days nameless, but it doesn't matter there was no magical hidden place that I could be divulging. This story is about my mission not about the location of the lakes!
I had 4 consecutive days off to get away from work. I had to take a couple of days off for my own mental stability. As I was tying flys Friday night, and a message from the fish gods came down through my beer and into my throat. It was clear. The message was real and I blurted it from lips. "You must catch 100 fish in 4 days." It was followed by another swig of my beer. I am not a numbers guy and I never count fish. Heck I couldn't even tell you how many beers I had. This was different though. I needed to catch 100 fish in 4 days. Stupid Idea?.... Yep. Was it egocentric?...Ya think? Anywooh this my story and I am going to tell it.
I headed out Saturday morning (opening day) I wanted to fish without the crowds so I headed to a FF only lake. I got their early and was in the water fairly quickly. I headed straight to the hole. Instantly, boom, 18 incher. I was smiling because I knew this was going to be a fun adventure. Welp, the wind picked up and I only saw one strike in the next 2 hours or so. I suddenly realized this was not going to be the Disney Land fishing adventure I had dreamed of. I packed up and headed to a place 20 minutes away and prepared to hike into another lake. I put in about 10:00am or so and it was sunny and nice. The cutts were small but fun. I ended up with a nice 15 inch cutt and a good day of fishing. The fish count was at 29. I had 71 fish to go and I was having fun.
My fishing buddy and I headed out early Sunday morning to hit another FF only lake and we arrived about 6:00 am. It is a small lake, but it can produce some nice fish. We fished until 11:00 am and I released 3 early. The biggest was 20 inches. Then out of nowhere my buddy whips out a banana. You read the thread about "No bananas". I let everyone on the lake know to stay away from him, but it was too late. All of us on the lake stopped catching fish. Almost everyone....... My buddy kept catching them. He ended up with 9 before we took out at 11:00am. He named himself "king of the lake" and I had to listen to it. I was humbled. We drove down the road about five minutes away and we have talked ourselves into fishing this lake that was on the side of the road. It was windy but it was fun. I picked up another 8 fish in a hour and a half. They all fought hard and the biggest was 16 inches. He dropped me off and he went home. It was about 3:30 or so and I needed to catch a few more fish to stay on pace with my goal. I ran to Hook Line and Sinker, (our local fishing store) and they just closed. I needed leader bad and I begged them to open the door. They know me and they were happy to oblige. After that I drove about 10 minutes down the road and put in on the local "truck-trout" lake. I was slamming them.......well sort of. I could not get them in the net. By 7:00 I had caught another 8 fish. If your are doing the math, that is 19 for the day and 48 total and 52 to go.
Now Monday came along and I headed to a FF only lake. This lake usually produces 20 fish days this time of year. I hopped on the ferry and I was off. I was in the water by 9:00 am. It didn't take long to catch my first four fish. After that, well the luck turned. I lost more fish that day than I ever have. It would have been a 20 fish day, but it was not meant to be. I lost so many fish that I quit and felt like the goal was not going to be met. Fish count for Monday a dreadful 4. New total: 52 fish and 48 to go.
By Tuesday morning I had given up on the goal. I slept in. It was a stupid goal anyway! I don't know what I was thinking! Where do I get these lame ideas? I sat around the house for a bit and was bored. I decide to head out to the local lake down the road. I put in at 9:00 a.m. and the fish were hitting. By 11:00 am I had 15 to the net and I was playing with the idea in my head that I could reach my goal. That would mean I would have to release 48 fish to in a day. As I kept releasing fish I kept wondering if I could do it. I don't know where the time went, but it was 5:00 and I had 39 fish. The goal was real! It was alive and I was going to make it. A smile came over my face. Then out of nowhere, I kept losing fish. I was tired and frustrated and losing fish for 40 minutes straight. I was so tired that I didn't check my fly. After I checked my fly I realized that the hook had been really, really bent for a while. I changed up and the goal was alive again. Changing that fly rejuvenated me and I reached goal in no time.
I ended up with 53 fish for the day and 105 total. I know it sound like a lame goal, but it was mine and I reached it. I had a lot of fun, met a lot of people along the way and it seemed like it was worth it. I think next year I would like to get sponsors and have a fishathon for charity, but then again that might be another stupid idea.
There are no stupid ideas when it comes to raising money to help fish and wildlife, or to educate people about the need to save habitat.
As for catching 100 fish in four days, good for you.
I would put my .02 in for a fishathon.

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