Pontoon Rod Holders?

So I'm new to the pontoon boat thing and I am looking for ways to hold my rod(s) while I fish or row. Ideally, I'd like two rodholders so I can have one rod set up for dries and the other for streamers and chronies. Yes, I've seen the Scotty rodholders, but I am wondering if there is a more 'economical' way to do it. Maybe something I could constuct myself. Any suggestions?



Rich Layendecker
I carry a second rod in a piece of PVC tubing lashed to a pontoon behind my left shoulder. Take a 12" piece of 1" or 1.5" pvc tube, cut a 6" lengthwise slot 3/8" wide in it and a couple of holes 4" apart opposite the slot. Run a rope or web belt through the two holes and attach the pvc tube to your pontoon standing upright with the slot facing up. Stick your rod in the tube and let your reel seat slide in the slot. The spring action of the split tube will hold the rod secure. This is not for fishing but for transporting a second rod.
Hi Steelie,

I got a new Scotty fly rod that I am not using. It has the standard square base. PM me if you want to buy it for $10.



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Not sure if this'll help since I have a 2 man pontoon and have more length to deal with than a single person craft.

I bought 2" ABS pipe at home depot, cut it into segments that will fit in a vehicle and then applied male and female screw sleeves to the ends. When I get to the river, I screw the two pieces together and I've got a 9 foot rod holder. I have three of them that I attach with belts to the top of a pontoon and let them stick out the back a bit. The horizontal position negates any concern for overhanging limbs or errant back casts. Assuming the guy in front is fishing with one rod, it allows a dry and nymph rig for each fisherman.
I use Scotty's rod holders, two of them. You can get a clamp system for them that goes over the frame of the pontoon boat to secure them. I have a boat with bare stainless tubes and this allows me to easily tilt the rod holders; down (rod parallel to the water) for fishing and up (rod tip elevated) for safety while rowing.

I put one holder in front of me and one on a rear tube. This allows me to have an active rod and a second choice. I typically take two and rig them differently. This is very, very handy.

The Scotty system seems pretty secure, I have never had a rod fall out. I have had operator error and the rod fell out when I didn't get it in the holder well enough. This is pretty rare though, the holders work well.


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