sandy river spey clave 07

had the pleasure to put more faces to names here this weekend, also saw some familiar ones too. Sloan Craven is the BOMB' cook, he ran the cinco de sandy fish taco stand:) love the cilantro! Ben and his other half rocked the dutch oven, even made a peach cobbler, was jammin'. SteelieMike , Jay, look forward to summer:) ill be in touch. Salmo G ,nice to have met you also. Pete,Justin, Kate, BrianC,and rest of the crew WHADDUP! good to see you guys. loved the cnd black 567, also im turning interest towards a cnd long belly rod, just so i can slap Brian P with the tippet across the lawn:) dug the meiser 7/8 12'6 highlander 5pc. got to cast the beulah 7/8 12'7, i just got a blank couple weeks ago so i liked the full set up. what a beautiful river, fished it in the morning, everyone else was sound sleep, maybe to much tequila?!!
heres some pics of the folks and the spread.

James Mello

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I wasn't there, but I can attest to the prowess that Sloan has with the camp cooking... The man is a wizard with that stove!
What a great time! I got to put a lot of faces with names, and spend time with friends. Not only was the Cinco de Sandy fish stand awesome, breakfasts rocked too! The Dutch Oven was amazing. We definitely ate well...

I added in a couple more photos, Jesse and the Peach Cobbler, Saturday night footage, and a pic of Mike Kinney's presentation.


Here's a few more pics. I got to spend time with old freinds and new ones. It was great to see FlyBill, Ron, Kristen, Jake, Mike Kinney, Mike Davidchick, Salmo G. I got to see Also it was great meeting Bhudda, Jay Johson, BrianC (what a riot!). Alos, cool meeting Brian P, Ben and Jesse, Cristophe and the rest of the "Monroe Mafia".

The peach cobbler was amazing!