Okanogan lakes report


Idiot Savant
It's amazing what 3 days of fishing will do for one's attitude. :thumb:

First, Blue Lake in the lower valley. Water levels are up to almost normal and the fishing is decent, not great, but decent. Water is a bit murky, but the fish can still find your fly, or should I say your chironomid. That's about the only life in any of the lakes at this time. And siphoning a fish shows that to be the only thing they're eating. But take heart I caught two using a Thin Mint and a Six Pack too.

Next, Forde, forget it, the water is too low and the weeds will choke it in no time...bummer :hmmm:

Up the valley Wannacut was my salvation, no great size to them just yet but they are plentiful and fiesty as always. A lot more shore fishers are around and they get ticked and leave when you catch fish after fish in front of them....:clown:

Over in the other valley Lost Lake is still very cold (48 degrees) and fish are sluggish. They do take one once in a while. One followed my fly to within several feet of the boat and then slammed it. One of the bigger fish of the trip about 18".

Beth is doing nicely, and they are taking Six Packs like crazy. Full sink, 20 count, strip 4-5 times real fast and bang, fish on. Again the shore fishers get pissed and leave, poor sports...:clown:

Temps are in the 70's during the day but night are still real cold. In a couple of weeks it should warm up and maybe the damsels will start moving around.

Everybody and their cousin is camping in any spot big enough for their slide outs, generators running and TV's playing...:beathead: Roughing it ain't what it used to be...

Be safe, fish lots, and tie good knots...:clown:

Scott Salzer

previously micro brew

Thanks for the rather complete report. Glad you were able to get out for a few days. Looking to head over to that part of the state later this month.

Thanks for the report. That's the area I'm headed to in a couple of weeks. Last year was odd in that it was 102* the first day I got there and the sudden melt off washed out the road to Blue lake. The weather then changed by about 50* and it rained like hell. The last few days I was there the weather mellowed out except for the afternoon wind. Hope it is a little better this year. Jim.
Thanks Roper, Good report. Save me from heading to Forde. I'll be going over the 19th, maybe Lost will be picking up by then. Anyone else over there around then say hello, I'm the guy with the Teal Green F150 with the green Pram in the back. :thumb:

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