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i am new to fly fishing and i plan on really fly fishing when the bass fishing really heats up (i have a beatiful scientifc anglers combo for a starter and i am using WF-6-F for my practicing) any way what kind of fly line would i need for bulky bass bug fishing ?


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I've not been dissappointed with the SA Mastery Bass Bug line.

Rio makes a bass line; however, I've not used it and can't comment.


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Good to see you here. I've used the SA line bass lines and they work great. Another thing you can do in a pinch is to use old floating lines. Don't do this to your new line as you'll want to use it for trout also.
I took a fairly worn out SA GPX 7 wt floater and cut 2.5 feet off the front taper. That gives it a front taper of 5' and a 28' belly, very similar to the SA bass line. The back taper is slightly shorter then the bass line. I fish it on a fast action 6 wt and it casts popper well.
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Watch for deals on any of these.
Bass line
Pike line
Saltwater line
Distance line
Rio's Outbound line
All of these lines have short front tapers with more of the mass concentrated further forward than would be on a normal WF line. They are all designed to throw bulky flies.