Tacoma Report(s)


Sculpin are gross.
browns pt 5/7 6:30-8pm. Went out to fish the start of the incoming tide (it was WAY out there) saw no signs of life in the 1.5hrs, fished chartreuse/white, olive/white, and white/white clousers of varying sizes.

Browns pt 5/8 10-11 am. Fished a bit of the outgoing tide this am, again saw no signs of life. Decided to head to docs to see if things were more lively there.

Narrows park (docs) 5/8 11:20am-1:20pm. Also fished the outgoing at docs. Saw a few other people FFing and nearly everyone I talked to had recieved some action. Worked my way up towards the bridge, again fishing clousers of varying color and size, seeing no action. Around 12:45 I ran into the bait. LOTS of what I assume to be sandlance flying out of the water as some large, what I assume to the cutts were working them over in the shallows (anywhere from 2-6 ft) as I was literally casting into the action and getting no strikes I thought maybe my clouser was too bushy to be mistaken for a sandlance at this pt so I tied on the longest, sparsest fly in my box and STILL got skunked! haha:rofl: wind then kicked up a bunch so I left, dejected :beathead: admittedly my pattern was not exactly spot-on...but it looks worse than it actually was due to the wind.
Despite my lack of catching, fishing today was sublime. Have to love the PNW on days like these :cool:

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