Wanted Deschutes River Report

I am thinking about heading down after Mother's Day to the Deschutes in Oregon to wet a line. I'm thinking of putting my raft in at Warm Springs and then floating down to Harpham Flats. I would appreciate any reports from anyone that has been on the river. Thanks in advance!
I was at the deschutes on the 14th and 15th of this month. At that time the fish hadn't quite keyed in on the salmonfly action. It should be sweet now! The fishing was slow until the last few minutes of daylight. I took 3 in about 30 minutes on a golden stone pattern. Those fish are beautiful. It was my first time to hit the river so I didn't catch as many as most fly guys. If you haven't gone yet, PM me. I can send you pics of the flies that worked for me. Good luck!

p.s. the guys at small Fly Shop in town are pretty helpful too.