Wolf Creek in the Spring


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Thought I would post a couple of pics from the trip on the Missouri R the first week of May.

We only took a few pics, most of the time we would net the slimy buggers, pick the hook out with the forcepts and rubber net revive them until they swam out of the net. What a great way to treat the fish.

On Thursday we had thunder clouds and a threat of rain. At about 5:30 it was getting pretty ugly so we decided to push on through and get off the river a little early. (We were just getting off the river anywhere from 6:30 to 9pm) When we got up to Roses after picking up Davids truck it started coming down so hard you couldn't see and then the hail. Welcome to Springtime in Montana. There were a few boats still out making the short trip from Mountain Palace to Prescott that got the full force of the deluge. One guide said this was the first time he had ever pulled the boat off to the side of the river because of weather.

Fun time, great river, lots of fly shops in the area for info and support. Easy river to row, but can be a little intimidating becasue of its size. When the bite was off, we would just anchor up, have a bite and a beer, and wait to see signs of feeding fish. An go on our merry way. Major hatches of caddis were at 4 and 7 pm.


Thanks for the report Ross. The last picture you posted we saw 4 bighorn bouncing around on the cliff. Man I'd like to head back this summer...

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