(NFR) E WA Flowers


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For all of you who fish in the Yak in E WA the flowers are in full bloom now and will be for the next few weeks. I live near Umptanum Falls by Ellensburg and the flowers are incredible again this year. Many birds are beginning to show themsleves too in the area. Recommend that you take a little time from fishing and bring the wife, significant other , kids and try hiking, bird and wildlife watching, picnicking in this area.(Might even score some points for some future fishing trips) If you want directions, suggestions feel free to pm me.Cheers


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They don't last long once they bloom and as you can see there is no more then what amounts to a few blades of vegetation. I notice them most often in the hills near Thorp. Mostly beause I work there this time of year. Right now they are out.

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