Swap Streamer Swap?????

Nate Dutton

I'm a teacher, I fish to eat!
Hey Guys address is 7803 W. Deschutes #s275 Kennewick, WA 99336
IF you sent them to cheney address That i posted earier don't worry about it i will still get them! Looking forward to seeing the work!!!
I apologize if I'm holding the swap up. The flies are tied and ready and have just yet to write up the recipe's and send them off. Tonight I am getting a pontoon and I promise to all that the flies will be in the mail tonight if I can get to the post office in time or tomorrow at the latest!!!!
I will mail them out first thing tomorrow morning. I will post on this swap the recipes for each so everyone can view.

How about posting pics of this swap? I just know that the flies will be great and other tiers, can copy the patterns.

Nate, if you can't post pics, I might be able too, once I get my digital camera repaired.

Hope yall like, better yet, hope you catch a monster.
BTW my streamers are riding in the USPS van right now, screaming to get out of the box. My name is Robert Holt, so when you see that name, Obi's flies are at you door.

Hopefully you will be getting them soon. I just read the swapping rules and I shafted you on postal expense :beathead:

I will give you the two bucks that you need for the p&s!! Bear with me, this is my first swap.

WARNING: I never toe tagged my flies, but Nate, I'm not sure how you will moderate this, but if you wouldn't mind toe tagging my two patterns, that would be marv!!!! :thumb:


Nate Dutton

I'm a teacher, I fish to eat!
Hey no prob. Bob don't worry about the postage i think i can cover one guys postage! As for the flies they all look great guys!! Still waiting on two tyers.. I know skeels will have them into my by tomorrow if i got pick them up.....That leaves Mark...he said he was tying so i will PM and see how he is doing..the flies look great can't wait to use them!! I am working on getting pics up as well!