Long Lake, Port Orchard

Hey, will be heading out to Long Lake sometime soon since it's near my house and my float tube should be here any minute now from Cabelas. What would be my best bet for flies for bass, panfish, and crappie? Or are the trout better during this time of year? What area would you reccommend i launch from? Thanks.
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go to the boat launch and take a right or left for crappie around docks or smack in the middle of the lake if you see fish feeding at the surface its usually crappie, bass you need casting gear like jig n pigs i black and purple or texas rigged worms or grubs. you can catch bass in the summer time at night 12:00 or later when they start to prowl the shore line for food. floatind bass bugs on a flick flick 10 second pause retrieve will work along docks or weed lines and reeds and pepper grass right thru the middle. for bluegill go to the boat launch and go right a little way until you come to the mouth of a creek. its salmonberry creek and the mouth there has more bluegill than you can catch at least it did a few years ago. i used to live on the lake when i was 16-19 so i learned it pretty good. floating line is a must in this weed pit. marabou leeches in natural colrs cant be beat.mosquito fies are well, cary specials, woolly buggers are real well to. the trout fishing is excellent all fish go up thru curley creek thru the lake and spawn in the other creeks same with the salmon. caught my first steelhead in this lake fishing for cutthroat.was in washingto n fishing and hunting news 2 years age for some real HOGS i caught out there. caught an 8# bass in there to in 96 using casting gear thou. check your private inbox later BEN

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