Your favorite bass fly

So I've never been one to really fish for bass. But since I've recently invested in a 50 thrust electric motor I've started to fish a little more for bass. Frankly, I've gotten a kick out of it. So my question is what are some of your favorite lake bass flies? I've been using weighted black leeches, clousers, and some worm flies. But I would like to add some more to my arsenal and not sure what else to use?
my most sucessful bass patterns have been articulated leeches, much like those you would tie for steelhead. I think there are articles or at least threads on how to tie those that have been posted on here. I like a lot of weight. A big tungsten conehead, or lead eyes gives the fly a much better action. My best colours have been yellow and white. Yellow is great in off colour water, and white works well in off colour water and clear. I've also done really well at Banks Lake and other clear water lakes with Crawdad patterns, especially when fished around rocky bottoms and ledges. Truthfully i think bass will eat just about anything, but these patterns have worked really well for me in the past especially at this time of year.