Pass Lake early Saturday morning...


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Hi Roper,

That might work for me. I was planning on going north to Merritt but other things may keep me home. An early morning at Pass would be good. What time were you planning on going? If I go it will most likely be 6:00 and then get out of there by 10:00.

I fish out of a 14' Valco.

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I'd like to, but it's one hell of a long drive to get there. Besides the price of gas right now scares me off.

Just being a smart ass as usual.:p :p :p :p



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Mark, I'm liable to be about an hour behind you. Either a pram or Fish Cat, look for the straw cowboy hat with the old fart under it...:clown:

'though not as old as OMJ...:eek:

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