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Im in if this is still open. I would be good to whip up a hi-viz deer hair dry, or a pupa pattern depending on what everyone else is tying, I think it would be good if we kept it varied - dry, nymphs, emergers.....


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Monkey Salad you'll be in.

Swap will be closed up in next day or two so anyone interested can still reply.

So far we've got 7 responders...do you all want to tie one or two patterns? I'd like to propose two patterns each and for a little extra time extend the deadline a week.
I'm in for one or two, but if we tie 2 patterns, I think we should only tie 1 each, and if we tie 1 pattern I am cool with tying 2 for each person. Anyways....

If 1 pattern: All around caddis emerger (fished dry or just below the surface, I don't have good names cause I came up with these myself).

If 2 patterns: Same as above, and a pupae/emerger pattern that can be fished deep below a big stone all the way up to just below the surface behind a dry, and great on the swing no matter where in the water column it is fished.



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Ok Bryan, maybe next time...
So far there's 7 tiers and we're open for a couple more; swap closes Friday June 15th. We'll be exchanging one proven caddis pattern per person. Fly can be from subsurface to floating; just not your standard elk hair though.
Those already committed start replying with your pattern of choice, I'll finalize and then send out details this Friday. I'll be tying up a #14 green pupa emerger.


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I like you're idea...
We have the option to tie 2 patterns, with 2 we only tie 1 each, and if we tie 1 pattern I am fine with tying 2 for each person. I'd prefer tying two patterns myself, but this way those that have just one favorite can still participate.:thumb:
As I just posted, I'll close and send details Friday.
In the mean time, I've started tying up one of my patterns....
How about an october caddis dry? I'll also tie a Kent Caddis. It's technically an alderfly tied cinnamon sedge style but it works as a caddis imitation in a pinch as well. Nice skinny water pattern. Sound good?

Jake Smulkowski

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If there's still room, and you're willing to put up with someone who lives one mile from the Washington border, I'm in with a peeping caddis and a modified Hemingway caddis.
Update: We'll be exchanging one proven caddis pattern per person.

I just wanted to clear up any and all confusion about the number of patterns we are tying.

Is it one pattern for sure?
One pattern and two flies per person?
Two patterns with one fly per person?
Is the world round? :beathead: I'm confused

Are we limiting the patterns to trout only or could I tie an October Caddis Spey, that is if there are no objections to those that don't persue steelies?


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This swap is now closed...

Tiers are:
1. steeli
2. Be Jofus G
3. James St. Clair
4. obiwankanobi
5. scottflycst
6. P-FITZ98
7. Monkey Salad
8. smulkowski

Sorry for any confusion.
To clarify: You have the option to tie 2 patterns-1 each, or one pattern 2 each. My preference is we tie two patterns each, but either way is fine. Either way with 8 people, this is a total of 16 flies to tie up.

With this number of flies I've extended the deliver deadline from July 2 to July 10th to give us a little more time. Later today, I'll send you guys a P.M. with a summary and mailing details.

obiwankanobi, fine with me regarding the October Caddis
10/4 on the final details. I'll start with one pattern- a pupa emerger and If I can stay ahead of the clock I'll tie a Oct. caddis nymph as well. This should be alot of fun, looking forward to everyone's ideas.

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