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I am going to flyfish for Searun Cutts this fall and winter in the sound. I do not have a boat,but after reading the posts on this board I realizied I can catch fish without one. Here is my question. My reel(Daiwa 7-8-9) is not designed for saltwater. If I use it in the salt will it ruin the reel. Also,I know they need to be rinsed. Wht all does this include? Thanks,Mark

Rob Blomquist

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I also use a non-SW specific reel. Its not a big deal, just be sure to rinse it off with clean fresh water shortly after every trip. Also make sure that there is grease on the axel and bearing in order to stave off corrosion. Also be aware that your rod will need to be rinsed off, too. Forget once, and you may get rust.

Also, if you fish for SRCs in the tidal mouths of rivers, you will have no problem as the freshwater floats on the saltwater, so your line and fly are rinsed on every cast. :)


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Canedawg - same as Tight Loops, but I pull the spool off, strip line to the backing, hose it all off, soak in warm water with a little soap, rinse well a couple of times, let dry and re-grease where needed. Be sure to hose out the ferrules of your rod and the guides, especially at the feet. You can't over do the fresh water rinsing. See you out there, Bart

Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
I concur with what Bart says, but I don't do it every trip, but I do handle the line this way several times a year. Actually, soap is not a good idea, unless one is planning on putting on a new layer of plastic softeners (line conditioner). I prefer to use only warm water on the line unless it is really bad, then I prefer to use a fly line cleaner to do the job.


Richard E

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Actually, I'm going to disagree with these guys for some part. I've owned both the Daiwa 706 and the 708 (your reel), and used both in the salt.

I religiously rinse the reels and the lines and the backing. The item that I found went bad isn't even something you'd consider; the very tip of the pawl.

Think about it. It's just a tiny piece of metal that engages the teeth of the spool to cause drag, and if there is any hint of corrosion on it at all, that tip will break or wear off (remember, those spool drag teeth are almost like a file), ANNNNDDDD, ta-dah! no drag at all.

I had it happen to both the 706 and the 708. Fortunately, I was able to get each reel replaced (they both looked like new), but they were never used in salt again.


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TL is right about soap on the line - didn't mean to say that. Also, I rinse the salt off the flies used before putting back in the box. Bart

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