Many Items for Sale! ... Mostly FFR

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For Sale (moving, need the cash and don't need this stuff!):

Sage 590 RPL+ 2 pc. (great need for another 5wt) $200.00 (REDUCED)!!!

Maui Jim Tortoise Shell Sunglasses Large; Glass Lens, Polarized (used, no substantial scratches...I don't wear these really anymore as they don't fit my face) Photo Available $ 75.00

Pignose "Original" Portable Guitar Amp (like new condition) $ 35.00

Various Hand Drums (Djembe, Darabuka (sp?), Conga $ obo

Canon PowerShot Pro1 Digital Camera (no issues, used) w/ Conversion Lens Adapter (LA-DC58C) and Tele Converter (TC-DC58A), Camera Bag $ 300.00 REDUCED!!!!!

Large Dog Kennel (Plastic, slightly used, no dookie in this ever) $ 75.00

Bose Triport Headphones (very slightly used, no issues whatsoever - work GREAT) $50.00 (REDUCED)!!!

Willing to take trades perhaps on these...PM me, email me or reply here.

Thanks for looking at my long list of personal stuff...


Jerry Daschofsky

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Interested in the Xbox 360. Is it the one that you're able to play the older Xbox games on? What are you looking to trade for, or what are you looking for in the $$$ for it.
You can play some older games on Xbox 360...just depends on the games...some are compatible, some are not as I understand it. (take any issues on that up w/ Microsoft though :))

I am hoping to get $250 out of this for everything seeing how this is in like new condition w/ so many accessories.

In terms of trades: I'm looking for a 9wt RPLXI or Xi2 or Loomis and am interested in any possible Guitar items.....oh yeah...I'm also looking for an Echo 24" chainsaw (random huh?)

( you can see I'm a gear whore and would be open to other suggestions I guess)

Thanks Jerry.
I'll take the sage reel 'cases', I'm assuming they're cases and not single reel pouches.

Email/PM sent. (I'd have taken the 5wt last week when I had my WTB thread....oh well, I'm sure someone else will enjoy it:) )

Cheers and good luck with the move!

PS, I"ll take that foam caddy in same shipment:) Thanks!
Bum Deal on Two Accounts:

1.) I am a Lefty (at least as it pertains to guitar)
2.) I roll only 'odd' numbered rods.

Sorry about that...I would have loved to make that happen!



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Interested in the SA reel and the Redington depending on model and if you will ship (I pay) to Florida. Thanks and good luck.

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