Fish lake in chelan county ?


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I am going to be up at fish lake friday evening , saterday evening and sunday morning i would fish there saterday morning but i am going to be at dry falls trying to bring a few bows
and maybe even a brown to net.I was wondering if anyone has ever fished fish lake by wenatche lake and if so i was wondering what flies to use and where on the lake to fish and
how deep the fish usauly are in this lake.I know the bait chuckers do good here so i thought i would give a try with a
sinking line and a wooly bugger or carey special and hopfully
i can catch at least one trout out of fish lake and a few
at dry falls.Any info on fish lake would be great.THANKS . :)


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Fly15 - you're probably right on with WB's and Careys. I fished there last summer and did fair with black Buggers on the East end. There is a lodge/boat rental at the lake - check with them. Good luck, Bart