Camping and fishing

I've only been in Washington for about 6 months, so I don't know much about camping here. Any good books I should look at?

I have the DeLorme map book, and I'd like to camp and fish with the girlfriend this spring/summer somewhere east of the Cascades -- maybe Rocky Ford or Omak Lake -- but I don't see any campsite symbols near them in my atlas. Can you camp on public land? Tribal land? Permits required? Are there "improved" campsites (washrooms) at any of these places?

Any other place recommendations would be appreciated. She doesn't fish, but would like to hike and see some interesting things. We'd just be tenting it.

Thanks in advance!


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I dont know about the west side, however the east side is fairly dismal until you get closer to the Idaho border, then the camping and fishing rocks!!! :thumb :thumb :thumb

I guess if you like the flat and rocky land around the Ford, it might be worth camping??? I personally enjoy the mountain type settings when camping so I mostly head to Idaho/Montana. I would assume the west side is probably fairly good too??? Good luck and have fun.

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along the yakima is a great place to fish and camp.
the canyon between ellensburg and yakima has great fishing, and a lot of the land is BLM, which means, camp pretty much anywhere you want.
it helps if you have a truck with clearance and 4wd to get into and more importantly, out of some of the areas.
drive down the road and look for dirt road pullouts on the river side.
great scenery, great fishing.
just watch out for dudes playing with rifles.
only happened to me once, but i came across some dudes throwing cans into the river to shoot at.

go figure.


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If I remember right, no camping is allowed at Omak Lake.
Chopaka is a nice place to camp, but go mid-week. Lost Lake above Bonaparte is nice too. It all depends where you live and how far you want to go. I've got a WA/OR campsite book at home, I'll send you the title tonight.


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Washington State parks tend to be pretty nice. Here's their hompage:

Pick a region and head out. Some places I've liked are the Ginko Park near Vantage (close to Lenice, Nunally chain), Sun Lakes (Dry Falls and Lenore lakes), and Pearrygin Lake near Winthrop. I guess my stillwater bias is showing through, I'm sure there are others that will put you on or near rivers.

I love camping and fishing in easter WA but usually limit my tenting expedition to April/May and Sept/Oct. I wimp out in 100-degree heat and below freezing temps:+

have fun


Two books that will answer a lot of your questions are :
Flyfisher"s Guide to Washington-Greg Thomas
Washington Fishing-Terry Rudnick Ive
Too bad...

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Back to the post--"Where do you camp?" Answer: "wherever." Good fishing genrally is found in the middle of nowhere which is a long way from the motel. So, you camp in the nearest proximity to where you intend to fish.

I am going to earn my stripes this weekend. After losing 2 personnel in the last 2 months, I am working the caseload of 2-3 people. I have booked this weekend as a 3 day vacation to escape it all. Los Destinos? Central and NW Washington. Night time temps should be within 10 degrees of the minimum temperature of my sleeping bag. I'm gonna freeze my nutz off! Isn't it great?!


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Thanks for the info, everyone.

So it looks like you don't need a permit to camp out on BLM land, right?

We'll probably hit one of the suggestions you all gave. I'm looking forward to "roughing it" here in Washington. Camping in Michigan was tough -- downpours in the summer, too cold in the winter.
All places named so far are nice. also there is camping at Ringold, near the tri-cities and also you may want to think about going to the Tucannon area the state has campimg areas close to both the lakes an river:) :) :thumb
Another to add to your list would be Bumping Lake just East of MT Rainer. Lots of places to camp both on the lake and on the river. There is a camp ground also on the lake with restrooms for the little lady. Lake has Trout, Kokanee and Whitefish. The river looks nice but I have not even gotten a bite there yet, though I will try again sometime. Fish along the shore of the lake that is on the same side as the boat ramp seems to be the best. Lots of tree stumps and logs for the fish to hide in just under the water. If you camp outside of the camp ground some of the areas require a forest pass. Those are the camping spots that include pit toilets which the forest passes help to pay for. :smokin
I can't believe nobody has mentioned the Twisp-Winthrop area!

I went there for the first time last summer and it's my new "favorite place". There are numerous campgrounds along the Twisp River road, and also up above Winthrop. I'd recommend the DeLorme Gazeteer for locating good camp areas:dunno