Yakima river

I'm thinking about going over to the Yak within the next two weeks. I read that the water level is the lowest in years. I was hoping to get some info on good areas to fish (i.e. upper, canyon, lower, etc.) I'm not very familiar with the Yak. I would love to hear some suggestions and recommendations. Also, has anyone fished it this time of year before? Am I wasting a trip going over?




AKA Beadhead
My 1st time fishing the yak was the last wk of Sept. and it was excellent, although it was not as low as it is now. No idea on the best section right now but the upper river is supposed to be good this time of year (giant actober caddis). The yak is the only place where I have caught fish absolutely every time I have gone. Check the evening hatch website www.theeveninghatch.com they always have their eyes and ears on the river. As of this writing they have not updated in a week though.

Chris W


There's a fly shop in Ellensburg called the Worley-Bugger Fly shop. They are very informative and I think that they are also on the web Jim S.:jj
Thanks for the info. I'll probably be going towards the middle to end of this week. I'm getting ready to tie some prince nymphs and orange stims. I'll let you know how it went when I return.


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