Help feed a lawyer and me

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Matt, Sorry to hear of your troubles. I have not much to offer in the way of support. I'll put a little prayer out there for ya. I'm not a big Christian guy are anything, but I think someone, (if there is a god out there) likes me. If it doesn't work out with your wife, I think I'd like to marry you for you fishing equipment, if it's not all sold. :rofl:
Just think about it,
I currently have a girlfriend, but she has no fishing stuff. :confused:


My name is Mark Oberg

I'll take these.

SA WF8F $10

SA WF8F/S $10

SA WF8F/S wet tip II $10

Wet Cell WF8s Lakeline $10

SA Supreme 2 WF6F/S $10


Be the guide...
Matt, I'm interested in the following:

Okuma Sierra 7/8 4 reels $20 (i'll take on of these)
4 spare spools $10 (and one of these to go with it)

Okuma Sierra 5/6 1 reel $15 and 1 spare spool $8 (I'll take the reel and spool if still available)

Cortland Crown II reels Whatever $ (what size are these? If 8wt or less, I'm interested...)

Also, if any of these lines are available, I'm interested in:

Cortland 444 SL WF5F/S $20

SA Supreme 2 WF6F/S $10

Cortland 444 Rocket taper WF7F $24

SA WF8F $10

SA WF8F/S $10

SA WF8F/S wet tip II $10

I can meet you at the Ben Howard launch if that's good for you. Let me know the next time you plan to be there (or anywhere near Monroe)...

James Mello

Inventor of the "closed eye conjecture"
Matt, put me down for an Integrity 10/11 and the Rio Midspey with tips... Thx... Will paypal ASAP and try to meet at Ben Howard...
Thank you everyone who helped. Most everything is gone except for a few things. When I get caught up on shipping out stuff, I'll see what I have left over and see if anyone wants it. I have lost my cell phone between the last lawyer I saw and several other places yesterday. If you need my number click the shuttle. Most everyone I am in contact with regarding the classified ad is via PM's so it's all good.

Again, thanks everyone. It was a noble effort, but I didn't make the retainer goal, so the lawyer doesn't get fed, but I do and I may make it until I get back to work on the 4th.
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