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I just blew a bladder in one of my pontoons. An impressive "poop". The good news is that it was in my driveway instead of on next weeks float of the Sky.
Does anyone know of a place where I can get this repaired/replaced in the Seattle area in time to make the float. The boat is an "Outcast" 8-footer.
Most of these boats have low pressure air chambers that rely on volume, not pressure to fill the bladder. I have repaired bladders with duct tape for on river repair, so Im sure that you could find a repair kit localy, or call outcast. Either way, you still have plenty of time.:smokin
WOW blown Outcast? Was it a latex bladder or vinyl? Maybe too much air and in the sun for a while huh? I had a bladder blowup on me in the middle of a lake with knowone around! Luckily it was my rumbar bladder rather than main bladders, really scary! It was a cheap Caddis. My wife and I now have Fatcats, PFD's for now on too.

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You may be able to get by with duct tape for a temporary fix. Call Outcast and they should send a replacement. Next time you consider a pontoon look at something like Water Otter or similar boats that have pontoons made of regular raft material and don't depend on internal bladders that are prone to failure.


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Between me and Red Green, there's not enough duct tape to fix this-about a 6"by 6" blowout. The always capable Nathan at Avid is going to help get the repair done.

A question of you pontoon folks is what went wrong. About 3 weeks ago, I pulled the pontoons off, deflated them, cleaned them and hung them up to dry under the gazebo, out of the sun. The first inflated normally, the second popped about 2/3 through the process. I would appreciate any thoughts. Bart
Hey I usually lurk this board but this topic caught my attention. I have a 7 year old outcast that has a few miles on it. I floated the Sol Duc today up top. About an hour into the float I noticed one of my pontoons rotating out to the side, I thought the straps were off so I repositioned them with no change. I then looked under the seat and where the cross bars join the frame tube that runs parallel to the pontoon, the welds were coming apart. They were half split and the only thing holding the boat together was this custom made aluminum box that I made for behind the seat. I still had 4-5 miles to run with some pretty big water. Anyway long story short I had to pack it in and limp out floating with my weight over on the good side of the boat. No more fishing. Now I need to know if anyone knows a good welder. Also bent one of my oars and snapped off half the blade so I'm looking for one of the two piece outcast oars. Any suggestions? No problems with the boat to this point now it looks like time for some maintenance. The fishing was good. Great water conditions. Hooked one on the spey rod before I had to quit. Saw three big males holding in one of the buckets, already colored up. The water is gin clear. Couple of gear guys ahead of me reported catching five the day before. Only gets better from here.