Pass Lake Sat. afternoon

First time on Pass Lake from floattube. Too windy to cast so I let
the wind drift me to the far end. Forgot I had to come back. Of
course the wind died as I was nearing the launch. 3 rainbow
(14", 18", 19"), two other hits, all drifting an olive size 10 bead-head, sparkle tail
bugger on 10' sink-tip. Similar results last Sunday evening at
Lone. Looked like it would have been a great evening on the lake but I
had to be somewhere. Pleasantly surprised I had any luck with the blue sky
and sun overhead. Is an afternoon wind typical, or is there any predictability?
Mr.Eversack,Congrat's on the nice fish,an afternoon wind is almost a given up here(light breeze to howl'n),as too when well who's to know? I live about a mile from Pass, so if the wind is up there I can run over to Heart,Erie or Campbell(I'm more of a bass on a fly guy) and see what is going on there,no monsters at the other lakes but it is fun fishing........Good Luck,Alan

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