Steelhead Library?


Will Atlas

I've started collecting books about steelheadingFishing and I'm beginning to have a bit of a library.
Off the top of my head I can list a few of the books I've got alread:
-Both Combs books
-Dec Hogans a passion for steelhead
-Enos Bradner the northwest angler
-Steve Raymond Steelhead Country
-Fishing Steelhead in Nez Perce Country
-The River Y

I desperately want a copy of McMillans dryline steelhead and I've been looking into some of the older titles. I'm mostly posting this thread in hopes that a few guys older than I could suggest some good books to look into buying.


I'm always looking through used book shops for good books on fly fishing. Here are a few to keep your eyes open for:

Deke Meyer's "Advanced Fly Fishing for Steelhead"
Dick Stewart and Farrow Allen "Flies for Steelhead"
Almost anything by Rodrick Haig-Brown will have a treasure trove of writing about steelhead fishing back when ...



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The Haig-Brown series will have you convinced you were born a century too late, but you'll love the read. Another classic is John Fennelly's Steelhead Paradise. Raph Wahl's Steelhead Shangri-la is a good read too. For what it's worth, Combs first book, "The Steelhead Trout," is worth a look as well. It's from about 1970 or 71. I'm sure I'm leaving something out. If Amato won't reprint McMillan's book, you could photocopy mine some time, but I didn't say that, cuz it would be illegal for you to do so.

Every collection should have Steelhead to a fly by Clark Van Fleet. That is the first one to focus on steelheading with the flyrod. 1955 or 56. Incredible book for it's time. There are still mint to very good copies out there if you kick some rocks around. Clark was one of the first writers to aggressively question the belief that steelhead did not feed in fresh water. He fishes and lists rivers from California (which was "big" steelhead country then) to our state. Coach

Charles Sullivan

ignoring Rob Allen and Generic
Although I have enjoyed reading a lot of steelhead books, none have really helped me catch steelhead. Ralph Wahl's Steelhead Shangri-la blew my mind and imagination. Advanced Tactics for steelhead has been flagged Seinfeld style in my house. Raymond's steelhead country was fun too.

None of these helped me catch steelhead though. The only writing that ever helped me catch steelhead was Salmo G.'s posts on reading steelhead water and making a plan to catch steelhead posted on this site. I'm not trying to blow sunshine up anyone A$$ but that's how it is. Hell, I riffle hitched my dries backwards for a whole year after reading Deke Meyers Advanced Tactics For Flyfishing Steelhead, and he never tells you what steelhead water is. Thanks SG.


Hal Eckert

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All those mentioned are good steelheading books, most of which I have. I found a lot of great information in the Deke Meyer book Advanced Steelheading on how tos and equipment. Have had it since it came out in 1992 and reread it many times. Its worth having.

Dec Hogans new book is very good.

Steve Raymonds books are very good also, very nice short stories coupled with lots of trout and steelhead fly fishing information.

Also a must have not mentioned above is Greased Line Fishing for Salmon and Steelhead - Jock Scott, Amato Press should have it. Mine is falling apart from rereading it since 1982 when it came out. Great little book



Will Atlas

to clarify, I'm not looking so much for angling instruction so much as a lesson in the history and culture of steelhead fishing. Dec Hogans book had a fair bit to offer with regards to technique, but in reality I am most interested in poetic prose on steelhead. I love being taken back in time by Haig Browns stories or reading about angling lore in trey combs book.
There is so many I need to look for. Good thing Powell Books is in Portland.

Out of curiosity, what is in your guys video library that is worth owning?


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As mentioned in an earlier post, the three videos that Lani Waller did for 3M/Scientific Anglers almost 20 years ago are available now on a single DVD, along with an hour-long feature in which Lani discusses changes in tackle and techniques since those days. The information offered in the original videos (Fly Fishing for Pacific Steelhead, Advanced Fly Fishing for Pacific Steelhead and Fly Fishing for Trophy Steelhead) has held up well and is as accurate and pertinent today as it was in 1988.

Hal Eckert

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Ernest Scwiebert books have some great old short stories on steelhead as well as trout and salmon fly fishing.

Such as:

"Where flows the Umpqua"
"Portrait of the Pere Marquette"

many others check it out.

Steve Raymond is also good for these types of stories.

of course R.H. Brown's works.

Zane Grey too !




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Whoops! The title of Lani's new DVD is Lani Waller's Steelehad Legacy. I think it would be a worthwhile addition to any steelheader's collection.
As far as the fly tying and fly history you should include:
Both of John Sheweys books
Bob Veverkas spey and dee fly book
Steelhead Fly tying guide by Kent Helvie
For some good reads and a bit of history
Steelhead fly fishing on the Olympic Peninsula By Doug Rose
Being nothingness and Flyfishing and A clean well Lighted Stream by Michael Checchio
Definatly get Steelhead water and Steelhead to a floating line by Bob Arnold A must have for any steelhead book collector.
If you run across any of the old Steelhead Fly Fishing Journals from Amato they are pretty nice to. Still working on getting all of those. Some great articles in them. Good luck with the search for the Mcmillan mine has finally ended recently:) Kevin


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Don't forget books on Atlantic Salmon. There is a wealth of information in them that is directly applicable to steelhead.

Berman wrote some stuff on steelhead and has a chapter on steelhead fishing in his opus TROUT.

And like Salmo, I'd like to see Amato republish some of the older stuff he published like the two books Combs did before he wrote STEELHEAD FLY FISHING because there is much of value in them on history of steelhead fly fishing and flies.