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On the commercially tied Bjorn Prawns there is a strip of thin rubber or plastic on the back, it appears to be there to force the marabou out to the sides and give it a good flat back look with the feathers for the back covering it up... for those of you that tie your own version of this fly, do you like that strip there? does it make much of a difference? and if you use it, what is the material? i suppose i could just cut up a bag that the marabou comes in...
i guess i am just being lazy and skipping that step right now, but it isnt a hard step and would be easy to include if it does make a difference.
Scudback is good material for the back strip on this fly. It is offered in clear and several colors, perhaps a couple of widths. It is not expensive and beats hell out of cutting strips from baggies.
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