Battle Ground lake???


The best little pest in the pacific nor' west
what to use? where to use it? when to use it? how to use it?
or anything else you can think of
(im probably going tommorrow)
My honest opinion- I would stay away. I've taken the kids there for the past 2 evenings due to the heat. I've observed a few small fish jumping in the evening but for the most part that lake is practically fished out as far as trout is concerned. I took my flyrod yesterday and with youngest in the backpack had a decent time hooking small bluegill or perch in the shallows and watching them fighting eachother trying to eat my size 18 copper john.

At one point I paused my casting to adjust the backpack and was surprised to see every russian fishing at the end of the dock turned around to watch my every move. It kind of made me feel good and creeped me out all at the same time.

If you were absolutely dead set on fishing a local lake, I'd hit the pond behind Klineline for bass.
I agree with the above. Usually, by this time of year the heat and fishing pressure doesn't generally equal good fishing. If you do fish there, I'd go early in the morning (I think it opens at 8) or the evening. There are usually some risers. I seem to have the best luck stripping streamers right under the surface when this happens. I've seen others do well with a dropper set ups.
I agree, the russians will use anything including dynomite to clear every trout they can out of there! I've fished and learned to swim at Battle Ground Lake and it saddens me to see what goes on there. Thier version of catch and release is catch all the fish and release thier garbage. Sorry for the vent, it just drives me crazy!

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