A Very Useful Tool For the Salt

so i'm guessing these aren't recent photos? the date on most say around 1993

i've been looking for a tool like this to aid me in not wasting trips down to the beach when the salad makes it unfishable... which has been happening a lot to me lately


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Don't you slackers ever use the WFF directory? Check the Agencies category.

:) ;)

fyi - If you (yes, YOU!) want to add a site you like, navigate to the appropriate category and select Add Site. Check the free option, follow the steps and BAM! There you go.
Agencies? What, like the site now has a bureaucracy we have to navigate? I don't know... I see the dark clouds of DOOM gathering. I just don't get it. :confused:

I mean, like, of all people, Chris. If someone had said it was you, I wouldn't have believed them. :clown:

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Smells like low tide.
Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely!:rofl:

About those old aerial photos...I've found that some of that shoreline that was undeveloped when the photos were taken now has homes and/or other developments on them. Ya do yer logistics, drive to that spot you thought might be a fairly pristine creek mouth or point, only to find its all changed!:(
Still a great resource though. Maybe follow up with Google Earth for a more recent photo.:thumb:

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