Looking for a Fly Fishing Partner (Perferably a lady age 21-25)

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Na, youth and strength always triumph the old age. I feel for those old aged guys we pull over. They got the shot gun hanging in their pickup, and chewin going 90 back to Hicksville (Maple Valley). I pound this area and it's pretty crazy what you come across. Hey Jeff...sweet pics. My uncle works in the USCG and loves it. He's out of Neah Bay. Just sweet pics man. Good stuff. And to all the older one's out there...I still got some love for you...just have to sport the young age...you know...


Hey you guys
Welcome to the site, you will indeed find entertainment here as well as some FF knowledge. You must remember though that you will become my age as well as Old Man's age. I'm only 58yrs. but I do feel older at times, and as long as I keep getting new parts, knees, shoulders, rebuilt thumbs, I just keep going and going and going. I am retired law enforcement (Yakima County) and just look what you have to look forward to. As long as you (in your own words) show us old ones love just remember I may be one you pull over and I will indeed want you to show me the loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Good fishing to ya.


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drutledg ...just curious, what you would do if you were out on the MFS or Cedar fishing and saw some thiefs breaking in on a parked car? You will soon find out that it happens often from the number of members reports.

For all the posts we have about car break-ins on the Stilly, Snoqualmie, Eastern Washington Waters and etc.....it is nice to know we have this guy, drutledg, out there at times not only patroling but fishing too. :beer2:
Welcome to WFF trooper Rut.
I hope you keep your pants rolled up or put your wader on cause the stuff gets kinda deep here on the site.
My dear ole dad was a LEO so I know what you have to deal with out there on the roads.
If ya ever get over to the dry side and want to hit RF or some of the desert lakes let me know and Sharon and I would be happy to show ya around.
Sharon's ex was WSP now retired.
Welcome aboard mate, we got your 6.
Porter - Hey great to meet you. Yeah, I've come across two fools who thought it'd be fun to break in to some vehicles up by the Dutch Miller Gap Area. I was fishing at the time and hauled ass back to my truck when I heard the glass. It wasn't my truck, but a friend of mine's who was fishing some 3/4 of a mile down river. I still had my pistol on me, but I didn't shoot them (teenagers 18years old), but actually called in the KCSO (King County Sheriff's Office) to have these youngsters dealt with appropriately. It's sad it's come to this on many area rivers and lakes, but that's right...you have me out there and I thought you might enjoy that story a bit. Take Care.
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