Lake Ingalls

I'm doing a day hike in the Lake Ingall's area near Cle Elum this weekend. Anyone know if it is worth packing a fly rod along? I'll be going light:- no waders or float tube.
The photos I've seen on line look nice. Pretty country. Even saw a couple of rises on one photo on a web site, which prompted my question. I'm hiking with my wife and a bunch of friends, so fishing will be limited to our lunch stop....Even so, it is still worth packing in some fly gear just to get in a few casts to see what is in there. I am presuming some small cutts:) or small brookies from past stockings:( . We'll keep our eyes open for wildlife too. Thanks for the responses:)


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I'm sorry I can't give a more informed response, but on several trips in to climb Ingalls Peak we stopped to rest on the slabs above the lake and I can recall seeing what appeared to be some pretty good-sized fish cruising the shallows. I always thought I'd like to go back and try it. The haul up to Ingalls Pass and across to the lake might be a bit of a grunt with a float tube and waders but I think that even a decrepit old crock like myself could make it.
No float tube required........would be nice but not absolutely necessary. Bring plenty of ant patterns and other terrestrials. Be warned.......the mosquitoes can be fierce when you are out of the wind.

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