2007 salmon numbers?

I've been trying to find what the 2007 salmon forecast numbers are online, but haven't found anything but the numbers for pinks at 3.3 million. Does anybody know what the forecasts are for the rest of the species in the puget sound?


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Per the above like:
"In Puget Sound, the forecast for chinook, including ESA-protected salmon, is similar to last year at about 238,000 fish. Puget Sound coho returns should drop this year to about 630,000 fish, nearly 343,000 less coho than the 2006 forecast."

One thing to consider. Even though they are predicting 343,000 less coho this year, coho fishing sucked big time last year. The previous five years were all very good and this year has started off well. The WDFW forecast numbers don't always equate to fishing success.



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If you want individual run size predictions click on_


On the left size you'll find the run size predictions for each species; click on the species of interest and scroll down to the rivers of interest. Such information is typically available at the end of February each year and posted on WDFW's web site shortly thereafter.

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