Dorothy lake report

I fished Dorothy with a buddy on Sat. from our float tubes. Fishing was dead until the sun dropped behind the ridgeline. For about an hour fishing was hot, strikes on almost every cast. Mostly cutts with a couple Brookies thrown in. The largest fish I caught went 14". Great lake if you can hike in some kinda floatation, fishin' from shore would be tough. I put that on my "do again" list for sure. Would the fish in there be naturally reproducing? I would think so. :confused:



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Did you camp up there too or hike out that evening?

Many years ago, gosh, it's been 20 years, We hiked up the and went on to Deer Lake. Fished it, but, before I I fly fished. We caught a few trout up there. Mine, well, was the smallest of the bunch.

I haven't been up there since.



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Thanks for the report. I'm sure it has naturally reproducing trout - especially the brookies. If I remebmer right, it has some nice inlets and outlets for spawning.