Murray Lake Area

Anyone been up to Lake Mason lake Area (Mason, Talapus, Little Mason, Kulla Kulla, Island, etc) lately? I am going up in the morning with a few friends and was wondering which of the lakes was fishing well and also, since two of my pals do not want to hike in waders, which ones are brushed in this year. Any info would be helpful.
I have been to all the lakes you mentioned at one time or another but I've never heard of a "Murray Lake" in that area. Have I missed something or did you mean Mason? The main trails you speak of are generally in good condition but once you get off the trail, things can become brushy. I would not recommend hiking very far (on or off trail) in the mountains in fishing waders. Get a comfortable pair of hiking boots and a good pack, then carry the waders if you really think you'll need them. Most mountain lakes can be fished quite well without using waders or a raft.

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