"Spey" set-up "On The Cheap"

Batson Forecast 11'6" 6/7 "spey" blank build, $120, Cordura case $25

Cabela's Prestige Plus III reel $50, Rio Windcutter 6/7/8 Line with Interchangable Tips $100, Flies from Kaufmann's Streamborn on recent business trip to Seattle $25

Having a bunch of swing water on Ohio's Lake Erie Steelhead Tributaries virtually to myself (well, at least until people read this thread)........priceless......
Its a Peel N' Stick available through a number of retailers. They sell them in packs of three....I have two extra. If you want, pm me your address and I can mail you one. Just place a coat of finish on the blank and then thourgh rub the decal on and remove the top decal cover and cover with 1-2 coats of finish.



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I'm a little jealous. I was just thinking to myself that I might have to find a "cheap" spey setup so I can see what all the fuss is about. Looks real good.
Thank you for the offer. But, I'd rather leave them for you and your next rod project (trust me, there will be more). I'm going to a local dealer tomorrow for a bag of three for myself.
Thanks again, ED
OK. Not that this is a contest or anything, but back when the dollar was high and the British pound wasn't, I looked up an online fishing shop in Scotland and, much to my surprise, found some of their spey rods on sale at an amazingly low price. I ordered a Daiwa Osprey, 15', 10/11 wt. spey rod. It was delivered to my door for a little less than $100! Since I was very broke at the time, I decided that I couldn't afford it so I ordered another one--which I sold on eBay for $200! Just recently I found out from the CND rep. that my rod was designed by Noburo. I then managed to by one of the 12 wt. Redington reels when Orvis was selling them out for $60. I didn't like the configuration fo the lines available then so I constructed my ovn for about $35. OK. Don't hate me! Actually, I have one of those same 6/7 wt. Batson blanks that I have yet to get around to.


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what kind of blank is that? Looking to build a "switch rod" only with a single handed grip
The blank for that rod is a Rainshadow blank, made by Batson Enterprises. It's a great stick and the 12'6" is also very nice! Rainshadow has come out with or is coming out soon with a newer line and have retooled them. They also have or are coming out with a series of blanks for switch rods in a variety of weights. I believe most of the switch rod blanks are 10' 6".

As far as building a switch rod, with only a single handed grip, I would say "Why?". The bottom grip is shorter than a traditional spey rod gives you much more flexibility to single hand and cast double handed either overhead or spey! It would also serve as a fighting butt and really doesn't get in the way on the few switch rod's that I've cast. I don't own one yet, but will probably build one after I get through the two projects I'm currently working on.

Buelah also makes great blanks and are the same blanks that Bob Meiser uses on his switch rods. These rods cast beautifully, although I can't wait to try the Rainshadow blanks as well when I find one to try out!

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what kind of blank is that? Looking to build a "switch rod" only with a single handed grip


I just finished building one of these Forecast 11'6" last week. It is a sweet rod, but I wouldn't singlehand it. I build a "switch rod" from a Dan Craft 10' 8wt FT blank last fall. Its really a singlehander, but I think alot of people build switchers out of them. I hear it was the blank that Meiser used to build his original switch rods. You might check out Dan's blanks as a relatively inexpensive option.

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