Fishing the Upper Skagit



I've just recently returned to flyfishing and could use some info on the fishing scene on the Upper Skagit. I drowned a couple balls of yarn last week and came up with a few pinks, what else gives? I know most fishers fish the lower end and many use the heavy hardware but what works up here - what fish, what techniques, what type flies, and generally when?

Hey, I'm one of the guys who thought salmon don't bite - obviously wrong! I didn't believe a fish would bite a ball of yarn no matter how well you arranged it (reads: yarnfly?) - the pinks proved that wrong. Obviously, this newbie could use a little help.

Catch and release works for me...
...if I could catch sumpin.

And how do you turn off overtype when editing in this forum?


I guess no one but me fishes the upper Skagit? That could be good - no elbow to elbow competition. From what I can make of the state regs the water is not off limits, there are plenty of fish (pinks now), has somebody reported a Susquatch sighting or something? Is it a military firing range or sacred burial ground? Has there been some sort of toxic leak here lately?

Sure is quiet up here in this toxic, sacred Susquatch burial ground country...



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Wait 'til the steelies start to run. You will see some folks fishing up there then. Chums will bring some fly flickers up also. Silvers are hard to catch with fly but, a few have figured it out. I'm not one of them. Humpy? No thanks.