Seattle skunk

Dave Boyle

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Up bright and early to try a more Northerly than usual Seattle beach this morning. Done well there for salmon the last few yrs and hopes of a chance hook up wre high were high. Never caught a cutt there but have really only fished here for salmon so looking forward to seeing if there were some about. Tide was starting to ebb and the sun wasn't on the water with a light breeze so things were looking great. One gear guy and the beach was mine, later on joined by another fly fisher. Lots of herring (?) flipping about. Tried about everything in my box (green, pink, olive, white, black, silver, orange and nothing was doing the trick. Fish were about, the gear guy got a pink and I witnessed some great baitfish chasing action right in front of me (don't wade too deep guys this was in 2-3 ft of water) but again no interest to my fly. There was an interesting hatch of 6 fishers at ~7.30, looked like a class, didn't see anyone get anything. Maybe I should try to get some flat wing flies, about the only must have I don't have...................Sun was up and v. bright at 8.15 so called it a day. One Q for those in the know is the size of the fly. I prefer to fish smaller sparse streamer patterns, typically 1.5" to 2.5". Would a bigger fly be better? The little fish flipping were 3-4" so that may be the issue, match the 'hatch ' and all that good stuff. Still, there's always tomorrrow.........


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